A downloadable himeyuri

「Set in parallel early 21st century, the world is under attack by a mysterious creature "Gatari", a toxic creature covered in black hard metal which obliterated 65% of world from 1972 to present.  After several retreats, humanity made a bet on the strongest ace pilots recruited from around the world to fight back against these invaders, and Republic's pilot "Gerard and Kevin" are one of them. 

You as a player's mission is to pilot these two and defeat those Gataris from the Far East. Are you ready to save this world and humanity from these mysterious invaders? The destiny of mankind is on your hand!」

{About this game}

Part of our Doujin Mecha and Otome Multiverse project 「Himeyuri Project (姫百合プロジェクト)」(Formerly Senki Keikaku/戦姫計画/Maiden Project), "The Wild Vultures" will be a Psikyo-Seibu-styled 2D Topview Danmaku shooter in Atari-NES-styled graphics, which is homage to every retro-2d arcade shooter games of our childhood nostalgia. Made it just for fun.

Title illustration: 노는사슴+Kurohina (Commissioned)

Beta ver. 1.0: https://app.myshmup.com/index.html?game=a71bbf92-a587-426f-b353-71d54acdfd91&ses...

*This game is currently under development and we will work hard to release this project ASAP. So stay tuned!*

Development log